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  • Individual employee health assessments

Management referrals of individuals for various reasons, including long or frequent short term sickness absence, health conditions affecting work, substance abuse.

Workplace assessments for specific individuals, or for groups such as DSE assessments.

Drug and alcohol tests for random or pre-employment purposes.

Sickness absence

Long term, or frequent short term

We can establish:

  • If there is a medical or health condition
  • The likelihood of the condition being covered by the Equality Act (2010)
  • That the individual employee is attending a doctor for appropriate investigations and treatment
  • Liaison with the GP/hospital specialists, with the written consent of the employee
  • A potential timescale of fitness to return to duties
  • What advice can be given to support return to work. This might include a phased return in hours and duties, restricted activities, adjustments at the workplace etc.
  • If there are any issues at the workplace which are impacting on employees’ health
  • Health issues preventing a return to regular and effective employment

We advise you the employer. You can then make the appropriate decisions, and can take action.

Health factors affecting performance

Employers may be concerned that an employee has a medical or health condition which is affecting performance at work.


Health affecting safety in the workplace

Some medical or health conditions can affect safety at the workplace.

This can depend on the condition, the job, the environment and the individual circumstances.

Ill Health Retiral

We can give advice on whether an individual employee is likely to fit the criteria for retirement on medical grounds.

Equality Act (2010) and adjustments

We can advise you as to:

  • whether the EA is likely to apply to an employee with a medical or health condition; although it is actually a legal, rather than a medical decision as to whether the Act applies or not.
  • what adjustments could be considered for that employee to enable them to return to work or to continue in work

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments

We can assist in the assessment of an employee`s workstation, identifying any health risks and giving advice and recommendations for improving workstation layout, seating and posture as well as general ergonomic awareness.

Workplace assessments

Workplace assessments can be undertaken to evaluate workplace health hazards and to advise on measures required to minimise or control them. These assessments can be carried out for an individual employee or within general workplace areas.

Drug and Alcohol Tests

We are accredited to carry out onsite instant tests for a range of drugs and alcohol.

If the test is non-negative we send the sample to an accredited laboratory for further legally defensible testing.

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