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  • Medical assessment for management referrals

Medical assessment for management referrals – to investigate health issues in relation to:

  • Long term sickness absence
  • Frequent short term sickness absence
  • Following accident at work
  • Illness which may be work related
  • For assessment of disability and adjustments advised at work under the Equality Act 2010
  • Health affecting performance or safety
  • Potential alcohol/substance abuse
  • Following abnormal findings from OH Nurse assessments for fitness or from health surveillance
  • For ill health retiral assessment
  • Others as requested in the management referral

We take a full medical and occupational history, and examine as required.
We may request further information from the GP or Hospital Specialist in some rare cases to verify the medical evidence.

The employee is entitled to see the information provided to Occupational Health before the referral, and must sign consent for an Occupational Health referral.
The employee is also entitled to see the report from the Occupational Health Physician or Nurse Adviser before the OHP or OHNA sends the report to Management/HR under GMC guidance

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